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Jackson County Historical Society's


Established 1969

The Jackson County WV Historical Society

The Jackson County Historical Society has been collecting information about Jackson County's past since the Society was established in 1969. Our plan is to include much of the information we have gathered on this website.

Browse our collection by visiting the tabs at the top of this page.  We have more than 10,900 obituaries on the site and many articles on Jackson County history.

Interest in genealogy has taken a new insurgence with the popularity of DNA testing and the easy accessibility to information available on the internet.  Here in the county we have access to some local sources not available elsewhere.  Our genealogy group answers queries received through this website, by mail or through the local library.


Preamble of our Constitution:

There is a personal and patriotic obligation resting upon the citizenship of every community to assemble and preserve its traditions, customs and history.
The programs, efforts, and resources of the Society exist for the benefit of every person in our community who desires to inform themselves of their heritage.
An extensive library of historical documents has been published by the Society for research use and is available at the public library.
The many activities of the Society are carried out by volunteer efforts of the members.



The Jackson County Historical Society meets the third Sunday of each month (except December) at 2:00 P. M.  Meetings will either be in the lower level of the Harrison building or the Ripley Library.  For up-to-date information, follow our Facebook page.



To discover, procure, preserve and publish whatever may relate to Jackson County’s natural, traditional, civic, military, literary and genealogical history of interest to this and future generations.

To encourage study of and research into the archaeology, genealogy, sociology and other matters of history of this area.